What about Hazy Bear Brewing Co.?

Hazy Bear Brewing Co. is an experimental brewery located in Aarhus, Denmark. We challenge the traditional way of brewing beer and love breaking with conventions, mixing styles and playing with chemistry. That's why our beer always starts with a wonder. Is it possible?

Like a child's curiosity, we throw ourselves into the art of brewing. As a spontaneous piece of jazz music, we move through the chemical processes we mix and jam in interaction with our quality ingredients, until we have created a very special beer – which we want you to enjoy as fresh as possible.

After all, that's what it's about. The good experience. We want to surprise you and your taste buds. We want to tease your senses in the same way as your favorite movies and favorite artists. We want to give you a fresh and unique beer experience.

For is it not these small moments where we are pulled out of our everyday life that make life worth living?

At least that's what we think at Hazy Bear. Explore what's fresh and exiting in the shop!